2009 Reports

Pinney Purdue Agricultural Center

  Soybean 125 Liberty Link Soybean Pres with Ignite 09S-PIP-CTS-06

Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC)

  Corn 126 Capreno and Laudis in Corn 09S-SEP-NTC-09
  Soybean 127 Envoke: Tolerance of STS and GAT/HRA Soybeans and efficacy of Gly-R Marestail to fall applications of Envoke. Northern version 08F-SEP-NTS-02
    128 Fall Early Vs Late Burndown Timings and Yields 08F-SEP-NTS-04
    129 Glyphosate Soybean System for DuPont and FMC 09S-SEP-NTS-49
    130 Ignite Burndown In RR Soybean 09S-SEP-NTS-08
    131 Kixor as a Burndown in No-Till Soybeans 09S-SEP-NTS-51
    132 Kixor Efficacy on Chickweed and Henbit 09S-SEP-NTS-50
    133 LibertyLink Soybean Pres with Ignite 09S-SEP-NTS-07
    134 Parazone Burndown on Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds 09S-SEP-NTS-77
    135 Pre Herbicide Comparison with Roundup 09S-SEP-NTS-32
    136 Valor and Prepare Preplant Rates and Timings in Winter Wheat 08F-SEP-NTW-01
    137 Valor XLT with Kixor Comparison 09S-SEP-NTS-33

Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)

  Corn 138 Adjuvant study with Touchdown HiTech 09S-THP-CTC-85
    139 Compare Halex GT One and Two Pass Programs vs Competitors for Season Long Weed Control in GT/LL Corn 09S-THP-CTC-70
    140 Dimethenamid Herbicide Efficacy in Corn 09S-THP-CTC-40
    141 Evaluation of level of first corn stand removal 09S-THP-CTC-75
    142 Glyfos X-tra Plus Efficacy in no-till corn 09S-THP-NTC-39
    143 Ignite and Roundup Efficacy in Corn 09S-THP-CTC-02
    145 Ignite, Laudis, and Various Deposition Aids in Corn 09S-THP-CTC-05
    146 Kixor Herbicide Formulations in Corn 09S-THP-CTC-42
    147 Laudis and Various Deposition Aids in Corn 09S-THP-CTC-04
    148 Laudis and Various MSOs in Corn 09D-THP-CTC-03
    149 Lumax, Lexar, Lexar vs New Competitors at Foundation Rates 09S-THP-CTC-66
    150 Preemergence Weed Control in Corn with Full Season Rates 09S-THP-CTC-67
    151 Pre Herbicide Efficacy in Corn with Roundup or Ignite Post Treatments 09S-THP-CTC-52
    152 Sharpen crop tolerance POST 09S-THP-CTC-74
  Soybean 153 AMS Replacement Study 09S-THP-CTS-55
    154 Control of Glyphosate and ALS resistant Giant Ragweedontrol of Glyphosate and ALS resistant Giant Ragweed 09S-THP-CTS-53
    155 Determine yield effects of tank mixes and split timings 095-THP-CTS-84
    156 Effect of Adjuvants on glyphosate + Flexstar on glyphosate and ALS resistant ragweed 09S-THP-CTS-56
    157 Flexstar GT: Exploring PRE fb POST and rate and timing options to maximize control of glyphosate resistant weeds (conv-till version) 09S-THP-CTS-34
    158 Flexstar GT: Influence of adjuvant type and AMS rate on phytotoxicity and weed control (Northern version) [09S-THP-CTS-35
    159 Flexstar GT Sales Support - Evaluation of Flexstar GT weed control programs in GT soybean 09S-THP-CTS-68
    160 Glyphosate conservation- soybean- early pre-plant burndown systems with Prefix.14-21 days EPP 09S-THP-CTS-69
    161 Ignite timing in LibertyLink Soybean 09S-THP-CTS-71
    162 NON-GMO pre followed by post 09S-THP-CTS-72
    163 Soybean yield response to off-target Status drift 09s-THP-CTS-41

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