2010 Reports

Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC)

  Corn 164 Efficacy of Corvus and Capreno compared to competitors in a burndown situation 10S-SEP-NTC-39
    165 Burndown systems with corn using Prequel for control of marestail and winter annual grasses 10S-SEP-NTC-70
  Soybean 166 Prefix + Sharpen, Bounty + Sharpen, and Gramoxone + Sharpen for burndown of glyphosate-tolerant marestail in no-till soybean 10S-SEP-NTS-42
    167 Resolve preplant interval to non-STS soybean 10S-SEP-NTS-43
    168 Early preplant herbicide in no-till soybean 10S-SEP-NTS-69
    169 Spartan and Classic Efficacy on Liberty Link Soybean and Glyphoste Resistant Weeds 10S-SEP-NTS-73

Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)

  Corn 170 Preemergence herbicide programs for corn 10S-THP-CTC-51
    171 Pre/Post herbicide programs for corn 10S-THP-CTC-52
    172 Postemergence programs for corn 10S-THP-CTC-53
    173 Sharpen as a tank mix partner for Harness and Harness Xtra 10S-THP-CTC-60
    174 Pre/Post herbicide programs for RR corn in Midwest 10S-THP-CTC-55
    175 Weed control with Realm Q in corn 10S-THP-CTC-63
    176 Kixor one and two pass program in corn 10S-THP-CTC-64
    177 Preemergence weed control in corn with full season rates 10S-THP-CTC-82
    178 Efficancy and injury potential of MANA-mesotrion vs Callisto 10S-THP-CTC-84
    179 AMS alternatives with Touchdown Hi-Tech for weed control in RR corn 10S-THP-CTC-89
    180 Performance of impact and glyphosate combinations 10S-THP-CTC-90
    181 Impact herbicide programs for corn 10S-THP-CTC-91
    182 RR corn - residual foundations control 10S-THP-CTC-92
    183 Efficacy of Corvus and Capreno compared to competitors in a burndown situation 10S-THP-NTC-38
    184 Herbicide programs with Authority MTZ and Cadet for no-till corn 10S-THP-NTC-54
    185 Early preplant burndown program in corn with Valent products 10S-THP-NTC-75
  Soybean 186 Controlling volunteer glyphosate-resistant corn in soybean 10S-THP-CTS-05
    187 Flexstar GT (new formulation) - efficacy and crop tolerance in glyphosate-tolerant soybean 10S-THP-CTS-33
    188 Ignite single application vs sequential applicaitoin timings 10S-THP-CTS-49
    189 Ignite plus residual herbicide early post 10S-THP-CTS-50
    190 One and 2 pass soybean systems with pre emergence products 10S-THP-CTS-59
    191 DuPont products in Liberty Link soybean 10S-THP-CTS-61
    192 Post emergence application of Rhythm and Dawn in soybean 10S-THP-CTS-68
    193 Pre emergence weed control in soybeans 10S-THP-CTS-74
    194 Post residual cotnrol in soybeans with V-10206 10S-THP-CTS-76
    195 Efficacy of SWN-9794, GWN-9795 and Vida programs vs. standard programs for winter annual and annual boadleaf weed control in a preplant burndown situation 10S-THP-CTS-01
    196 Sharpen in combination with DuPont soybean herbicides 10S-THP-NTS-62
    197 Camparison GAT vs RR vs LL soybean systems 10S-THP-NTS-72
    198 2,4-D rates and timing EPP in no-till soybeans 10S-THP-NTS-87
    199 Effect of MSO and appliation volume on Sharpen activity 10S-THP-NTS-88

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