2012 Reports

Pinney Purdue Agricultural Center (PPAC)

  Corn 242 Anthem and Anthem ATZ vs. Competitors 12S-PIP-CTC-02
  Soybean 243 Anthem - Soybean PRE/POST 12S-PIP-CTS-03

Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC)

  Corn 244 Instigate Applied Early Post to Corn 12S-SE0-NTC-01
    245 Evaluate Corvus, Balance Flexx, Capreno, Laudis, and Liberty in a Two-pass corn system 12S-SEP-NTC-06
    246 Evaluate burndown and residual efficacy of Corvus, Balance Flexx, and Liberty in notill corn 12S-SEP-NTC-07
    247 Evaluate Pre-plant Burndown with Anthem 12S-SEP-NTC-13
    248 Impact Tank-Mixes for Glyphosate-Resistant Species 12S-SEP-NTC-21
  Soybean 240 Fall vs. Spring Treatments of Residual Herbicides for Marestail Control Programs 11F-SEP-NTS-01
    250 Cinch Applied Postemergence to Soybean Plus Synchrony or Classic 12S-SEP-NTS-02
    251 Evaluate glufosinate in LL soybean 12S-SEP-NTS-08
    252 Valor XLT burndown trial 12S-SEP-NTS-09
    253 BASF herbicide portfolio in notill soybean 12S-SEP-NTS-12
    254 Control of Marestail in Roundup Ready soybean 12S-SEP-NTS-15
    255 Control of Marestail in Liberty Link soybean 12S-SEP-NTS-16
    256 Prefix or Boundry + Sharpen Burndown for Marestail 12S-SEP-NTS-18
    257 Glyphosate + PPO Herbicide and Adjuvant Burndown Study 12S-SEP-NTS-19
  Fallow 249 Evaluate the effect of MSO with AMS and other water conditioners on the the burndown performance of Sharpen 12S-SEP-NTF-14

Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)

  Corn 258 In-furrow Counter Insecticide Interaction with Basis Applied EPP at Various Intervals Before Planting. 12S-THP-CTC-01
    259 RyzUp SmartGrass - Silage corn 12S-THP-CTC-02
    260 RyzUp SmartGrass - Field corn 12S-THP-CTC-03
    261 Corvus and Capreno one pass weed control programs for field corn. 12S-THP-CTC-04
    262 Corvus and Capreno two pass weed control programs for field corn. 12S-THP-CTC-05
    263 Weed control programs with Instigate. 12S-THP-CTC-06
    264 Weed control programs with Prequel. 12S-THP-CTC-07
    265 Weed control programs with Instigate plus Zidua. 12S-THP-CTC-08
    267 Planned Two Pass Program for Weed Control in Corn 12S-THP-CTC-10
    268 Enhanced Preemergence Weed Control in Corn 12S-THP-CTC-11
    270 Evaluation of 2012 Syngenta corn herbicide programs 12S-THP-CTC-15
    271 Impact sequential and total post weed control programs 12S-THP-CTC-18
    272 Control of waterhemp and giant ragweed with Fierce. 12S-THP-CTS-33
    273 Soybean weed control in conventional till. 12S-THP-CTS-34
    275 Control of giant ragweed with Cobra. 12S-THP-CTS-36
    276 Programs for glufosinate soybeans 12S-THP-CTS-41
    277 Control of Waterhemp in Liberty Link Soybean. 12S-THP-CTS-42
    278 Control of Waterhemp in Roundup Ready Soybean. 12S-THP-CTS-43
    279 Weed program for soybeans 12S-THP-CTS-44
    280 Wisconsin GRW 12S-THP-CTS-48
    281 Clarksburg GRW Treatments 12S-THP-CTS-49
  Wheat 282 Low rates of metsulfuron for weed control in wheat. 12S-THP-CTW-91

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