2017 Reports

Cortland, IN (Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed/Marestail)

  Soybean   Scepter Tank Mixtures for Early Preplant in No-till Soybeans 17S-CORT-SOY-04

Medaryville, IN (Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer amaranth)


Meigs Memorial Horticulture Research Farm (Glyphosate-Resistant waterhemp)

  Corn   Diflexx Duo/MPOST/Efficacy/Tolerance/Competition 17S-MGS-CORN-12
  Soybean   Authority Anthem Maxx Product Understanding 17S-MGS-SOY-04
      FMC Burndown Strategies with Xtendimax Systems 17S-MGS-SOY-05
      Fierce 64.01 - Liberty Link Soybean - Waterhemp 17S-MGS-SOY-06
      Cobra 64.02 - Liberty Link System 17S-MGS-SOY-07
      Fierce 64.06 - Xtend Soybean - Horseweed Burndown Trial 17S-MGS-SOY-08
      FeXapan in No-till 2 Pass Programs for RR2X Soybeans 17S-MGS-SOY-14

Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC)

  Soybean   Scepter in No-Till Soybean 17S-SEPAC-SOY-01
      Shutdown Tank-Mix Partners Compared to Standard Pre-Mix Options 17S-SEPAC-SOY-04

Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center (TPAC)

  Corn   Anthem Maxx & Solstice Pre & Post Corn Program 17S-TPAC-CORN-05
      Two Pass Corn Program 17S-TPAC-CORN-06
      Acuron Performance on Grass in Corn 17S-TPAC-CORN-07
      Efficacy of Tank-Mix Partners for Halex GT in Corn 17S-TPAC-CORN-08
      Armezon PRO Adjuvant Efficacy & Timing 17S-TPAC-CORN-10
      Status Armezon Diflexx Crop Safety Trial 17S-TPAC-CORN-11
      Status Diflexx Efficacy 17S-TPAC-CORN-12
      Two Pass Corn Herbicide Programs 17S-TPAC-CORN-13
      ImpactZ Performance in Corn 17S-TPAC-CORN-19
      Different Rates of Liberty in Two Corn Varieties 17S-TPAC-CORN-20
      Bayer Corn Herbicide Demo 17S-TPAC-CORN-21
  Soybean   Herbicide Pre Options and Tank Mixes in Xtend Soybeans 17S-TPAC-SOY-09
      Pre Zidua Programs in Soybean 17S-TPAC-SOY-14
      Engenia Plus Graminicide Efficacy 17S-TPAC-SOY-15
      Balance Bean & Balance GT Demo 17S-TPAC-SOY-23
      FeXapan in Conventional-till Two-pass Programs for RR2X Soybean 17S-TPAC-SOY-24
      Photoperiod Effect of Xtendimax on Efficacy 17S-TPAC-SOY-30
      Soybean Herbicide Programs for DuPont & Dow 17S-TPAC-SOY-35

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